In spite of the odds, the annual 4th of July parade happened with a very respectable turnout. Everyone social distanced and some wore masks and it was clear that enjoyment was the top priority of the morning as we celebrated out country’s beginnings. Thank you to Tim and Marybeth Sullivan for hosting and for providing water and iced tea on that steamy morning. Such a nice touch! And to Jason Stefaniak, Mishawaka Police Department, who led the parade with sirens and lights announcing we were on our way!

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It is becoming a monthly thing! Once again Mark Bradford had an idea and moved on it along with Alyssa Stager, a senior at Purdue who lives on Hearthstone Drive. Neighbors were asked to bring diapers of all sizes to his home and those collected were distributed to St. Margaret’s House, Hope Rescue Mission, Hannah’s House, and the Center for the Homeless. Because of their efforts and the generosity of our neighbors, mothers using the services of these organizations will have necessary supplies to help care for their children. Through the efforts of Mark and Alyssa along with other residents who helped, Sheri Campeau, Katie Cybulski, Vicki Slayter, and Dorothy Stager, over 5,000 diapers were donated and distributed. Special thanks goes to Whole Foods for their generous donation. Winding Brook did it again!

Winding Brook Neighborhood Food Drive

Mark Bradford saw in the news that Coach Muffet McGraw was doing a food drive in her neighborhood.

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Our Winding Brook neighbors along with the rest of the world are experiencing something we never could have imagined but yet here we are still trying to keep out of harm’s way.

Back in March, we had no idea how long this would last and now a couple of months later, our visibility into the future is still hazy. How we cope, adapt, and ultimately overcome will help us find peace over panic and safe ways to help others. We as a community have been doing just that with waves of creativity that have put smiles on faces, helped to celebrate a birthday a holiday, and a food drive that safely urged us out of our homes with activities that families could enjoy together. Thanks to all of our neighbors who have provided us with rays of hope. Let’s keep focusing on happy places down the road of life. Here are just two ways our neighbors are spreading cheer and hope during this pandemic.

Special (Safe) Delivery from the Easter Bunny
Easter Bunny Visit

Our annual Easter Egg Hunt was cancelled for this year but thanks to Maria Carter and family, the Easter Bunny didn’t miss Winding Brook. For those families indicating they would like a visit, 1600 eggs that had been stuffed two weeks prior to the event for sanitation reasons, were delivered to children with big smiles on their faces! We are all grateful for the idea and the determination that kept our tradition alive. 

Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

Featured are some of the photos submitted from some of the families who enjoyed the scavenger hunt created by our Board President, Zach Dripps. We hope you enjoyed this activity and from the smiles in the photos, it looks like you did!

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It is important for every family to support the work of the neighborhood association through your annual dues. Annual dues help keep common areas maintained, support neighborhood events, maintain our website, the Crier, and pay for insurance, water, and our storage space to name a few. It also gives us opportunities to do new and exciting projects.

This year, to encourage every home to pay on time, we are offering a special raffle. Each home that pays their full dues by Memorial Day—May 25—will be entered to win one of several $50 gift cards to local restaurants that have been hit hard by closures. Please do you part to be sure we can maintain the quality of life in our neighborhood.

This year, we have added the ability to pay electronically using the Cash App by Square, Inc. Scan the image you see here with your smartphone camera (no special equipment needed) and you’ll be able to download the app. Once you have the Cash App, scan the code again and you will be able to pay your dues of $110 directly to the Association. Please add your address to the comment section.

Your support is most appreciated. Thank you.