John Voor, a long-time resident, (since he was 5!) has been elected to the Winding Brook Park Board.

Get ready, set, weed, edge, plant, and mulch and you will be on your way to perhaps a 1st place finish in this year’s Winding Brook in Bloom which will be held in July!

Mark your calendars for Sunday, July 22! The sixth annual Winding Brook in Bloom will be held that day and you could be one of the deserving winners. The judges will be looking for creativity, color, texture, and variety. Please know that hanging baskets don't count nor do those homes that have been professionally done—they will look for the home gardener.

The great flood of 2016 hit Winding Brook on August 15 and transformed Juday Creek from a peaceful, meandering body of water into a raging, fast moving river that overflowed its banks and caused havoc in yards and overflowed into streets.

In its ongoing effort to improve the appearance of Winding Brook along Day Road, the WBPA Board has contracted with Walt Temple Tree Service to remove dead and dangerous trees and undergrowth and trimming those remaining thus enhancing the image we want to present to passersby and assuring the safety of residents.