Water issues continue to plague some of our residents as the extraordinary amounts of rain continue to besiege us.
A meeting is planned for September that will focus on what you are experiencing and what options may be available.
Please watch for details in the next Crier.
To date we have collected $16,135 for our entrance project coming close to our goal of $17,500.

Won’t you please help us close the gap?
George Cressy IIIGeorge Cressy, III was recently elected to serve a 3-year term on the Winding Brook Park Association Board of Directors. George, an attorney, has lived here all of his life with a short absence studying and graduating from the University of Dayton.

At the Annual WBPA meeting this month, two nominees will be presented for consideration. They are Zach Dripps and George Cressy, III.

After many years of service to our neighborhood, Mike Babcock and Brian Coffman are stepping down from the Board as their terms expire this month. Combined, these two men have spent countless hours of service to Winding Brook. We have all benefitted from them. Their list of accomplishments are lengthy and admirable.