Some Winding Brook residents experienced water damage last year due to the 1000 year rain and flooding. It can happen to you even if it hasn’t in the past. If your home is within a flood plain, you are at higher risk for problems though not all of Winding Brook’s homes are situated within the flood plain.

It is bittersweet to say thank you to Bill Bagatini for his many years of service to the WBPA Board. He has tirelessly given us his expertise for the past six years. Not only has Bill spent countless hours working in his capacity of Treasurer on budgets and reports, he was also the overseer of our dues collections,

At the WBPA Annual Meeting held January 30, the 2019 officers were elected. These residents will hold these positions until January, 2020.

Michael Miller, President
Zach Dripps, Vice President
Laurel Eslinger, Secretary
George Cressy, III, Treasurer
Halloween is behind us, Thanksgiving will soon be here—and then here come the holidays—Christmas, Chanukah, Kwaanza or whatever you may celebrate at that time of year. Here are a few things for you to know to help you prepare for the upcoming Gift to the Community:

Hello fellow Winding Brook residents and friends. My name is Tim Sullivan and I am a member of the Winding Brook Park Board. I’m so excited to announce a program called November Lights!