Hello Neighbors,

I am honored to serve as the new Winding Brook Park Association President.

In response to some incidents that occurred in May, a special Board meeting was held in June to address safety issues in our neighborhood.

Cory Hankins, WBPA Board member, has stepped down as he and his family have sold their home and are leaving Winding Brook. Since he joined the Board, Cory has expertly overseen the development and maintenance of our website, was instrumental in introducing Winding Brook to Nextdoor, and was the lead in that effort.

In March, you received your dues notice asking for your support for all of the many things that make Winding Brook a special place to live. They include the Crier, insurance, entrance and cul-de-sac maintenance and beautification, monthly water charges, children’s events such as the Easter Egg Hunt that many of our neighbors recently enjoyed, 4th of July parade and celebration, and the Halloween Party.

On a cool, sunny April morning, many of our neighbors joined in the egg-stravaganza to hunt 1800 brightly colored candy-laden eggs and to search for the special golden eggs. Those who found the shiny gold ones in each age category were rewarded with a basket of goodies.