And what a gift it was! Our neighbors outdid themselves this year and because of their decorating efforts, collections doubled over last year— over $50,000 was generously donated by all who enjoyed the displays. Everyone who took the tour knew it was a special year. 

One post on NextDoor said, ‘Our family has taken the tour of Winding Brook almost every year for the past 40 years. It is always fun and beautiful to see. However, this year was exceptional. Thanks to all of you for giving our community such a wonderful gift especially due to the year we have been through.’ 

Another post said ‘My hats off to the tremendous decorations in Winding Brook. We have lived here since 1990. This year is one of the best overall—the old favorites plus so much innovation.’ 

So many thanks are in order. A huge THANK YOU to all of our neighbors who participated and lit up our neighborhood in their unique styles and made this year extra special. 

This annual event does not happen all by itself. Josh Higginbotham once again spearheaded the effort. Brian Powell, with help from Sharon Burden, stepped up to handle the luminary sales. Jane Mason continued to store and stock the ever popular candy canes. Michael Miller delivered the ‘Gingerbread House’ and helped to do some repairs. Maria Carter placed and pounded the directional signs. Board members took their turns overseeing the charities each night. Special thanks to Kuert for their donation of sand and for Fleet Feet for their contribution of over $1,000. 

The winner of the Best Overall award in the decorating contest is the Trimbergers who live at 54630 Whispering Oak! 

2020 Category Winners

Best Overall

  1. Trimberger 54610 Whispering Oak 
  2. Strasser 54610 Whispering Oak 
  3. Lorenz/McGi" 15406 Old Bedford

Rookie of the Year 

  1. Gill 15406 Old Bedford 
  2. Tepe 54499 Whispering Oak 
  3. Benavente Gutierrez 15831 Branchwater Way

Most Original 

  1. Babcock 54763 Merrifield 
  2. Turner 15655 Winding Brook Drive 
  3. Olsen 54450 Old Bedford

Best Theme 

  1. Smith 15685 Hearthstone 
  2. Johnston 54559 Whispering Oak 
  3. Cybulski 15432 Carriage Lane

Best Faith-Based 

1. Putman, T. 54706 Winding Brook 
2. Bonadies 15377 Carriage Lane
3. Bagatini 54650 Whispering Oak 

Clark Griswold Would Be Proud 

1. Onderdonk 54405 Old Bedford 
2. Stob 54711 Merrifield
3. Kreager 15678 Winding Brook 

Martha Stewart Would Be Proud 

  1. Dickey 15530 Carriage Lane 
  2. Tipton 54596 Old Bedford 
  3. Van Dyke/Vance 54743 Bonnet Hill

Best Front Door 

  1. Beristain 54318 Old Bedford 
  2. Siqueria 15635 Embers 
  3. Fox, J. 15426 Old Bedford

Best Artisan 

  1. Craig 54578 Old Bedford 
  2. Hahn 15394 Whispering Oak 
  3. Rudhman 15496 Carriage Lane