Board members Maria Carter, Mariah Cressy, and Brian Powell were the resourceful residents responsible for the absolutely fabulous Halloween Parade! Praise continues to come in days after the very successful event which was well attended on an exceptionally beautiful Fall morning.

Many of our neighbors donated bags of candy. Sorry we don’t know all of your names but please know how appreciative we are of your generosity. Thanks to the many volunteers who heated and poured the cider, distributed candy from creatively set up candy stations in tailgates and on tables: Kyle Umbarger, Zach Dripps, Corinne Craig and her daughters, Mark McGill and Julie Lorenz, Anne Bolster, John and Michelle Slack, Neil and Debra Morey, Michelle Lacay, Michelle Henk, Donna Voor, Mary Jo Trikos and Maryia, and Katie Powell.

Most sincere appreciation to Maria, Mariah, and Brian who organized, bagged candy, set up the photo backdrop, took individual family photos, and just did a spooktacularly great job! Is this the start of a new Winding Brook tradition?!

A link to the online photo album can be found at this link. A sampling of the pictures can be found below!

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