It is important for every family to support the work of the neighborhood association through your annual dues. Annual dues help keep common areas maintained, support neighborhood events, maintain our website, the Crier, and pay for insurance, water, and our storage space to name a few. It also gives us opportunities to do new and exciting projects.

This year, to encourage every home to pay on time, we are offering a special raffle. Each home that pays their full dues by Memorial Day—May 25—will be entered to win one of several $50 gift cards to local restaurants that have been hit hard by closures. Please do you part to be sure we can maintain the quality of life in our neighborhood.

This year, we have added the ability to pay electronically using the Cash App by Square, Inc. Scan the image you see here with your smartphone camera (no special equipment needed) and you’ll be able to download the app. Once you have the Cash App, scan the code again and you will be able to pay your dues of $110 directly to the Association. Please add your address to the comment section.

Your support is most appreciated. Thank you.