In March, you received your dues notice asking for your support for all of the many things that make Winding Brook a special place to live. They include the Crier, insurance, entrance and cul-de-sac maintenance and beautification, monthly water charges, children’s events such as the Easter Egg Hunt that many of our neighbors recently enjoyed, 4th of July parade and celebration, and the Halloween Party.

The Gift to the Community is a major event that requires funds to get it up and running. The ads for the annual Garage Sale also cost money as does our storage facility that houses the ‘gingerbread house’ and GTTC directional signs and banners as well as event supplies to name a few. And the list goes on.

You live here and enjoy the neighborhood and your property values keep going up so please support Winding Brook by paying your dues. A list of those who have paid will be included in the June edition of the Crier.