It takes a village or in this case, a group of cul-de- sac residents! Cul-de-sac maintenance is one thing but re-inventing it, is another and a costly one at that.

Patty Buhr, a resident of the Fox Run cul-de-sac, had approached the WBPA Board for funds to beautify that area and as the Board was willing to support this project, it could only partially fund it leaving Patty without her desired outcome.

Determined, Patty approached her immediate neighbors for their support both financially and in the form of man and woman power. New Generation, our landscape maintenance company, cut back, applied dirt, tilled the soil, installed edging, and general clean- up. That left the residents to purchase the plants and ultimately get them in the ground.

On September 23, Patty and her neighbors did just that as well as shared a meal to celebrate their accomplishment. Kudos to Patty for her insight and determination and to the residents of Fox Run for their help in seeing this project to its end. Thank you to all of them for helping to improve Winding Brook’s appearance and for making this an example of what we as residents can accomplish. Who’s next?