This year’s judging took place for this annual event on a gloomy, somewhat rainy day but what was bright and colorful and full of happiness was the home that took the grand prize this year for Best Front Yard—the Spahic home at 54741 Winding Brook Drive. This front yard captured all of the elements that the judges look for in the winning yard—use of flowers, featured mailbox, container gardening, use of foliage, whimsy, color, and creativity. Congratulations to the Spahic family and a big thank you to them for giving Winding Brook this oasis of beauty!

Thanks are also in order for our sponsors: McKinley Garden Center, Not Just a Garden Center, and Varners.

Best Front Yard
1. Spahic
2. Oliva
3. Mackey
3. Imamovic
4. Strasser
4. Koziatek
5. Spalding
Best Use of Flowers
1. Oliva, M.
2. Spahic
3. Imamovic
4. Mackey
5. Koziatek
Best Container
1. Sellers
2. Spahic
3. Firth
4. Penrose
5. Voor, J.
5. Pingel
5. Craig
5. Grover
Best Mail Box
1. Imamovic
2. Spahic
3. Mackey
4. Strassser
5. Whitcroft
Best Use of Foliage
1. Putman
2. Bradley
3. Brennan
4. Voor, D.
5. Feeks
5. Koziatek