At the Annual WBPA meeting this month, two nominees will be presented for consideration. They are Zach Dripps and George Cressy, III. George is a life-long resident of Winding Brook. He is married to Mariah Cressy and is an attorney with LaDue Curran & Kuehn in downtown South Bend. His practice is centered around real estate and M&A transactions.

George says of his nomination, “I was born and raised in WB and value most in the world deep, fulfilling, meaningful, and fun relationships between families.” He was never more than a few blocks from extended family “which meant endless fun and developing my closest non-family friendships still to this day. I’ll bring this to the Board, always thinking of ways to foster these relationships.”

Zach Dripps is relatively new to Winding Brook, is married with children and works for the Michiana Council on Government, a regional planning organization. “As a newer resident of WB, I am excited to bring a fresh perspective to the Board. The reputation of WB being ‘family friendly’ was one of the reasons we chose to purchase our home here. As a member of the Board, I want to do my part to make sure the charm and characteristics of the neighborhood remain but also include the ideas from new and old residents to keep our neighborhood attractive. I believe as neighbors, everyone should work together to build a stronger and more connected community. I hope as a Board member I can have a role in strengthening our community.”