I know we’re all busy, but I hope you will take a few moments to read below as it includes some information that you should be aware of.
•  On behalf of the entire Winding Brook Park Association, I would like to extend a warm “welcome” to all new neighbors that have recently moved in.
•  Entrance sign update. After researching the damage to the Winding Brook Drive entrance sign, the Board has decided its time to update both Winding Brook Drive and Merrifield entrances. The design process is well underway, and we are looking at options that will combine the past with the future. I am confident that the new signs will be something we can all be proud of. Since the insurance settlement was minute in comparison to the estimated replacement costs, we are considering some financial options to help cover the expense. Since there is a shortage of contractors in the region, work may not begin until late Summer, or early Fall.
•  The Board has made great strides in improving our visibility and accessibility by way of the new website (windingbrookpark.com), which includes access to an electronic version of the Directory. No worries, we are in the process of finalizing a printed edition of the Directory as well, that we plan to release this Summer.
•  Thanks to all of you who have paid your dues! If you haven’t paid yours, please do so today. There’s more to report, so be sure to read the rest of the Crier to get filled in!

-Michael Miller