Greetings, Neighbors! I am honored to serve as the new Winding Brook Park Association President and will do my best during my term. I think we are blessed to have had such a great group of neighbors who have been willing to volunteer their time, not only this past year, but throughout our history. Without volunteers, our Board would not be able to function. That said, on behalf of all WB residents, I would like to sincerely thank all former and current Board members for serving, especially Scott Kachmarik, immediate past president, and Jane Mason who has just wrapped up her six-year term coordinating the luminary sale and our annual garage sale as well as serving as Secretary the last few years. I would also like to thank Mike Babcock, Bill Bagatini, Sharon Burden, Brian Coffman, Tammy Emery, Laurel Eslinger, Cory Hankins, Kathy Smith, and John Voor who are also serving with me this year. THANK YOU ALL for your service!

As a reminder, Board meetings are open to all residents. Please consider taking a turn on the Board. No previous Board experience is necessary other than a positive attitude and willingness to help with a few projects throughout the year. The meeting schedule and locations are posted on our website and in the Crier. In closing, please do not hesitate to call on me or any member of the Board if we can be of assistance.

-Michael Miler