In its ongoing effort to improve the appearance of Winding Brook along Day Road, the WBPA Board has contracted with Walt Temple Tree Service to remove dead and dangerous trees and undergrowth and trimming those remaining thus enhancing the image we want to present to passersby and assuring the safety of residents.

Given the location of the trees and work along a busy street, Walt has requested a lane closure of the travel lane closest to the curb for the three days it is estimated the work will take. It is expected approval is forthcoming and work will begin later next week. Please be sure to use caution while driving and walking in this area while the crews are working -- stay safe!

As with all of WBPA service providers, residents are urged to contact them for work at their homes. The standard expectation is for providers to offer special pricing and offers to residents. Please be sure to patronize these companies. As we approach the fall season, please keep up the great work with your own property as we continue to improve the collective landscape throughout all of the park!