In 1960, Twin City Realty Corporation sought to create a community of 300 quality homes in a serene location composed of woods, a creek and gently winding roads. At that time, the northeast section of St. Joseph County was undeveloped. The corporation acquired land in Penn Township that fit their exact requirements. The land was purchased from the heirs of Alex Coquillard, the founder of South Bend.

With Cressy and Everett Realty as sales agents, all the plotted lots in Winding Brook Park were quickly sold. Beautiful homes were built, and soon the area around the neighborhood began to develop. Winding Brook Park enjoys a prime location and has earned a reputation for being a close-knit, family-friendly community, characteristics which make the Park one of the most desirable subdivisions in St. Joseph County.

Winding Brook Park is also recognized for the Holiday decorations displayed by its residents. We have been fortunate enough in recent years to make our beautiful displays work to help others. Through the generous donations of the hundreds of visitors who drive through the neighborhood each December, we are able to contribute thousands of dollars every year to local charities.

Since the beginning, Winding Brook Park has had an active neighborhood association which organizes activities for families and encourages residents to get involved. The Association works hard to maintain Winding Brook’s reputation of a stable, family-oriented neighborhood in a safe and beautiful area, and its residents take pride in calling Winding Brook Park their home. If you are interested in other interesting stories and pictures from the past, try the Winding Brook Park Alum Facebook group. You will find a number of stories and maybe an old friend to connect with.